Traditional Chinese Postpartum Soups

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Red Eggs specializes in Traditional Chinese postpartum soups for new moms.  In the Chinese tradition of postpartum recovery known as Chor Yuet, or “postpartum confinement”, new moms supplement their diets with nourishing soups.  These soups are believed to restore the depleted postpartum body–rebuilding blood and vital energy–as well as provide lactation support.  New moms in China often have their own mothers, mother-in-laws and even full-time postnatal doulas preparing these soups for them.  In NYC, you may not have the same support network. Here is where Red Eggs comes in.

Using tried-and-true recipes from Hong Kong doulas, we prepare soups with the finest ingredients and deliver them straight to your doorstep.  Leave the simmering to us, so you can devote your time to your baby.  Place an order now and get started on an optimal postpartum recovery, Red Eggs-style.